Spero House Sober Living upholds the Ethics Policies set forth by both the Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) and the National Association of Recovery Housing (NARR).  This means many things, most importantly, the cost of our Urine Analysis Drug Screening is built into our living fees.  This lack of ethical responsibility is a huge problem in the recovery treatment industry across the country.  Many facilities can offer housing scholarships to individuals due to direct/indirect payments, commissions, or trades from lab companies that provide confirmation testing/ point of care testing/ qualitative and/or quantitative testing for residents by billing insurance companies.  Third party billing for UAs is a lucrative business, it is also an unethical business.  

About Us

Spero House

Spero House is for women who want a supportive and warm place to live as they transform their lives.  Each of our homes are clean, safe, and have a homey atmosphere.  Our House Managers are mature, caring women who help each resident along their path of recovery.  Our residents appreciate being held accountable, feeling valued, and receiving  support while, we appreciate our residents' participation in their recovery and in our Spero community!  The transformations we get to witness are nothing short of amazing!

We focus on dealing with reality

Majority of our residents move in from treatment where they have spent the last 30 days being clean and sober safely confined within four walls.  Sober living is where the rubber meets the road, it's a fine balance on not overwhelming the new resident while still placing expectations on them.  Our residents, who are all 18 and older, are expected to adult or at least show that they are working toward better "adulting" skills! 

Life House Foundation of Arizona

Life House is a newly founded non-profit 501(c)(3) that was developed specifically for the women of Spero House!  Barbara Jacoboski, the Executive Director of both Spero House and Life House, observed the needs of the women living in Spero, needs that far exceeded the scope of practice of typical sober living homes.  Life House's goal is to raise funds through private donations, fund raisers, and grants in order to provide case management, support staff, and evidence based programming in the living environment.  You can find more information about Life House at our website:!  Please feel free to Donate Today!

Our Team of Directors

Barbara Jacoboski, Executive Director

James Wallin, Director

Sherie Huffman, Program Director

What else can we tell you.......

We are proud members of AzRHA

Check out the AzRHA website to see why choosing a certified residence is important.

First Annual Alumni Meeting

Please contact us with your updated information so we can get invitations out for our first annual alumni event.  This years event will be help November 26th!  We are so excited to catch up with you!!!

Women in Recovery

Women are the fastest-growing segment for substance abuse in the United States. According to the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, about 2.71 million women in the United States abuse drugs and alcohol. Women face many unique issues in treatment and recovery; female physiology, mental health issues, hormonal differences, limited education, limited employment history, and custody  

NEW Fitness and Nutrition Program!

Life House has provided a nutrition and fitness program to the residents of Spero House!  Ask us all about it!  It's pretty RAD!!

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Spero House Sober Living

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